Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Is it Suggested to Use Repository Pattern and Unit of Work with Entity Framework ( ORM Solutions)

Repository Pattern and Unit of Work Pattern on the top of Entity Framework an overhead from both performance and maintainability point of view. Unless otherwise there is strong business driver we should be stay away of this approach.

  1. Key Notes
    1. Repository adds little bit of testing enhancement at the cost of added performance and maintenance overhead.
    2. You should consider this approach only with Code First Approach.
    3. This allow you to change your ORM /Data Access layer in future but that is not very common case.
    4. Entity framework (ORM Solution) itself offer great capability to change underlying data source.
    5. Entity framework itself built on the top of Repository Pattern and Unit of Work Pattern so there is know point of adding another abstraction on the top.
    6. This approach was well in use during ADO.Net era not now getting obsolete with new ORM like data access solution.
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