Friday, May 18, 2012

Road-map for Technology (Technical) Architect.

This post (article) is intended to provide general guidance for those developers who want to shift there career towards software architecture. This will try to answer some common question that every new aspirant asked.
What are the Prerequisite for an architect career.
There are certain characteristic and perquisite an aspiring must have. I my view point must have qualities are
  1. Sound Primary Skill Area :(or interest) in Primary Skill Area 
  2. Wide Understanding and coverage across on wide range of evolving and competing tools and technologies.
  3. Good Reader : At lease 20 page of reading and 50 page skimming capacity par day. and must enjoy reading technical books and articles.
  4. Vigilant: Must have a third eye open and focused on industry big guns like Google and Microsoft because they are trend setter.

What are Career Path for Architect (Type of Architects)

There are three different level of architect
  1. Technical Architect : Responsible for Module level design 
  2. Solution Architect : Responsible for  level design 
  3. Enterprise Architect : Responsible for Organization level design decision mostly functional and business.

Road-map for Microsoft Technology (Technical) Architect.

New aspirants must start with Technical architect level study while giving side by side focus on Solution Architect road map. This section draft a typical road map (step by setp) for Microsoft Technology architect.

  • Identify your core area of Knowledge and check it market demand. If if your core skill set seem to be obsolete that try to pick up market pulse and upgrade your skill.
    • For Example if my core area is WCF SOAP based web services but since market is shifting towards REST so consider upgrading it
  • Set Primary and Secondary Skill Set : Based on your own skill set and market trends clearly define set of skill set 

Once you traversed this road-map at least once you can start looking for a professional assignment with full confidence.

Best of Luck

Alternative Titles to this post
  1. Road Map for new Architects 
  2. How to start for architecture career
  3. How to prepare for Architect Career (Role)
  4. Getting Started with Architect Career (Role)

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