Thursday, March 15, 2012

Windows 8 Simplified (What is New)

Recently Microsoft releases it`s brand new OS called Windows 8 for first prerelease experience. I was try co collect some more information about this new OS and fund few thing quite interesting so though to consolidate in my blog.

Thought Behind : 

Usually Microsoft is know for releasing apps and OS very frequently however this time Windows8 seem to be very different from development objective. Sole motive of Windows8 can be classified in two bros categories 
  1. New State of art touch support : Touch is now first class citizen
  2. Unified experiences: Now windows8 will be unified operating system for all hand held devices too that will give same experience on PC and devices.   
What is new for End User 
From end user view point Metro Style apps are key addition that will bring Slide and Glide Experience closure to MAC PCs. Below are some bullet points.
  1. Whole new touch experience
  2. Desktop Tiles: Allow to paste most frequently application of desktop itself, same like iGoogle.
  3. Unified Experience: Windows 8 is designed to support unified Phone and PC experience.
  4. Built-in support for cloud application: Now cloud application like Email, Calender can be placed on desktop and windows will mange sing-in, no explicit requirement of User name password.
  5. Swipe and glide: This experience is very useful for touch enabled PCs and devices. It allow you to place any number of application on desktop.
  6. One Click search: This version of window has whole new search experience. Now you can search everything like files, email ,Application , Web  search and local search (such as hotel) on single page.
  7. Built-In support for SkyDrive: that gives you 25 GB online storage to store virtually any thing you need.
  8. Desktop Device Communication: A lot of new feature such as Direct Video Streaming  to Connected devices (Pod Cost).
  9. Built-in IE10 with HTML5 support 
  10. SmartScreen Filter identifies scams and sites that are known to be malicious and warns you when your security might be threatened.
  11. Refresh PC : With new options to refresh your PC, Windows 8 makes it simple to go back to a fresh installation of Windows without losing your personal files or settings, or any apps you’ve installed from the Windows Store.
What is new For Developers
From developer view point Windows8 introduces whole new set of technology to develop Metro Style and fully cloud connected Apps. Below are some bullet points.
  1. Metro style apps development support through VS2011
  2. Built-in animations library and layout options make your apps feel fast and fluid. 
  3. Live tiles on the Windows Start screen display information from your website or service and help ensure your app is useful.
  4. App contracts are kind of standard that provides a way for users to seamlessly search across and share content between unrelated apps.For example you can build a custom search component that can automatically get integrate with OS Search without writing any additional code. Think this something like Microsoft Extension Framework
  5. Windows Push Notification Services (WNS): enables your app to receive messages and send them to your app’s live tile or provide a notification to the user.
  6. The Windows Runtime (WinRT) is a straightforward set of APIs used to build Metro style apps. 
  7. Microsoft® Visual Studio® 11 Express for Windows 8 is a free, lightweight version of the powerful Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE).  
  8. Sensor platform Windows Runtime Components let you quickly access input from eight sensors, including accelerometer, geolocation, inclinometer, gyrometer, compass, ambient-light, orientation, and simple orientation of a device. This helps in building device connected apps and games
  9. Snapped view It is frozen like appearance of Metro style apps that runs in background giving screen space to other app.
What is new for IT Support 
  1. Windows To Go:Windows 8 includes the ability to provide users with a full corporate copy of Windows (along with user’s business apps, data, and settings) on a USB storage device. When users boot their Windows To Go device into any Windows 8 compatible PC* they get a rich, consistent and personlized Windows environment and it operates as a more secure and fully managed device. When they shut down, they can remove the USB device, and it is ready to use on another PC.
  2. DirectAccess: It allows remote users to seamlessly access resources inside of a corporate network without VPN . 
  3. AppLocker : IT pros can use AppLocker to choose which apps user can run. Businesses can select which users or groups can run which apps, ensuring that the right users have access to the right applications. AppLocker is ideal for businesses that currently use Group Policy to manage their Windowsbased computers.
  4. Reset and Refresh PC: Refresh features give IT professionals flexibility in restoring PCs in the event of serious hardware or software issues. Push-button reset provides a flexible solution to help recover a problematic or corrupted PC. Additionally, users can reset everything on their PC
    back to factory condition.
Further References 
Above list is very indicative , if you are more interested below are some links to help you out

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