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What is Metro Style App

Definition : Metro Style is a UI development guidelines that is especially designed for next generation Internet rich ,touch oriented application.

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What is Metro Style
Difference Between Metro Style and Desktop Style App
Metro Style Bullet Points
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Microsoft has been know to keep changing the UI philosophy. No with the changing time when touch based computers and devices will dominate the market, UI will be a major success factor for business application.
With this though in mind Microsoft stated working on new UI layout in Windows 8

The word Metro is actually a code name for UI Design language to develop Windows Mobile 7 UI. That was originally The International Typographic Style, also known as the Swiss Style, is a graphic design style developed in Switzerland in the 1950s

Traditional application are mainly either Menu based or Ribbon based but in metro style application Entire application screen work like menu of hot spot to that will lead you to either a differential area or program.

Also in Metro app different application coordinate with each other via some standard interface, for example if a you write an application that implement search of your content then it can be easily integrated with OS built in desktop search.
Overall experience of Metro app is tile based that focus on content usually screen is splited in equal parts and each part either link to one content type or user application or feature.

 Metro Style Vs Desktop Style Application

Metro Style Application
Desktop Style Application
Content is the heart of Metro style apps, and putting content before chrome (Application surface) is fundamental to the design of Metro style apps.
Design of application surface is prime focus
Application surface is designed for touch experience
Designed for menu based or navigational experience
Navigational features like  tabs is less used
Heavily used  
Optimize for touch , slide and guide experience
Optimize for desktop based pointer devices
Tile is key to build application surface
Windows is the key
A tile may a full application itself like web parts in MSN or igoogle
All windows are driven by application itself and do not have independent ownership of content

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