Sunday, August 5, 2012

What is WCF RIA Services and When to Use It

In simplified words WCF RIA Services can be viewed as a synchronization mechanism for business rules and validations in between client and server side implementations.

 What is the objective (Purpose) of WCF RIA Services
Sole purpose of RIA services is to facilitate synchronization of business rules/ validation logic from server to client out of the box so that client does not require round tripping for server side validations.  

When we can use WCF RIA Services  ?  i.e.
What Type of Project can use WCF RIA Services?
WCF RIA Service are designed to be used for LOB application that heavily transaction and rule oriented application.  
How does  RIA Services works
For this purpose server embed a copy of server side business rule and validation logic in the client binaries (for example Silverlight .zap file)

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