Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What is Node JS

Node.Js Defined : Node.Js is a new java like scripting framework targeted for server side scripting , written on the top of  Google V8 virtual machine (that is actually JVM for this framework also called Chrome's JavaScript runtime). It support all existing feature of Java script.

Who is the creator (Inventor) of Node.Js
Ryan Dahl  is creator of Node.Js
What is the purpose (use) of Node.JS
Sole purpose of Node framework is to facilitate building fast, scalable network applications that in turn facilitate development of network oriented application like Cloud App.
By using Node.Js you can easily write an HTTP server in just 3-5 lines of  code that can run even from command line.
What is Programming Model it uses 
Node.js uses EPM (Event Based Programming Model) that is event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices. In other words it only support Asynchronous programming 
Does Node.Js is supported on Windows Platform
Yes but with limited edition currently evolving, Microsoft is also adapting for cloud application development 
What is V8
It is called Chrome's JavaScript runtime that is actually a JVM for Node.Js
What are the downside (limitations) of Node.Js
  • It is still evolving and it will take time to get mature i.e. still lot of effort need to be given to develop application and driver etc.
  • It is a whole new platform written from starch and still need to be proven over the time.
  • All the development is from command line no IDE support available. 
  • Not enough Debugging support available currently only command line debugging option available.
Node,Js Vs JQuery 
  • Node.js enable server side code to be written in Javascript capability which can not be achieved by jQuery.
  • Both are capable of consuming web service. The difference is jQury will be doing it in client side while Node.js will be doing it in server side.

In which Situation i should go with Node.js or JQuery ?
  1. Server side scripting, like replacement for PHP, ASP.NET
What are the Libraries and Tools available for Node.JS 
  1. Prime Libraries
    1. Express.JS  It is a high performance web application development library (What is Express.JS)
  2. Prime Tools 
    1. NPM is a package manager for node (Like Nuget for VS), You can use it to install and publish your node programs. It manages dependencies and does other cool stuff.(What is NPM)
    2. Node-Inspector A debugging tool for Node.Js

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