Monday, June 11, 2012

Functional and Load Testing Tools for WCF Data (OData) Services

This post consolidates my experience of various testing tools that so that you can pick best for you purpose.
Little Background
Here is the types of testing that you can perform against OData based service

Testing Types
Testing Objective
Functional Testing Making Sure that you are getting result for all supported query types
Schema Validation Making sure that you service respect to OData protocol standards
Unit Testing Making sure during development time that major end point/queries are working and nothing has been broken.
Regression Testing Making sure the your services are up and running and there has been response content is intact over the time.
Data Validation Making sure that service are giving result exactly as expected according to database
Load Testing Making sure that you server is ready to handle expected load factors with acceptable response time.
Payload Testing Making sure that payload size of service is acceptable to organizational constraints defined. This may require lazy loading or Entity Page size manipulation

All above may require sufficient amount of time if right tool is not chosen very first. Below is the list of testing tools available for different need.

Tool Name
Details (Pros/Cons and Uses)
OData Service Validation Tool Prime Purpose : Schema Validation
Note : This tool can comes in two versions , Hosted online and Standalone 
OData Validation Tool Kit Prime Purpose : Automated Functional and  Unit Testing Via VS2010
Pros  :Generates very good and compressive automated test cases
Cons :1.Generates Hardcoded test that need to customized in order to make it generic
2.Test cases are generated per service basis so it generate large number of test cases if you have number of services to test also there is no generic reporting support
OData Explorer Prime Purpose : Manual functional testing , Very good tool for manual verification of service for CRUD Operations
OData Feed Download Tool Prime Purpose: Performance analysis of individual service.
OData Regression and Load Testing Tool Prime Purpose: Standalone Automated Functional Testing, Load Testing , Multilingual Testing
Pros :
It can generate excel based report and can test multiple service at the same time.
Currently limited features available and supports read only service
Currently underdevelopment , more features in future.


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