Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WCF Data Services (OData), How to Series: Solving most frequently faced problems

This post consolidates my experience about how to do what in WCF Data Service Kingdom 
Client Side and Service side, it points correct material and links to most frequently faced problem. I will keep adding more links and topics over the time . Happy Reading 

For Beginners 
If you are new to WCF Data Service then check out few good resources below
  1. How to Getting Started with WCF Data Services over a Relational Database
  2. How to: Create the Northwind Data Service (WCF Data Services/Silverlight)
  3. How to Consue OData using jQuery
  4. How to Consume OData Services using Silverlight
  5. How to Consume OData Feeds using silverlight
Client Side Library 
  1. How to consume WCF Data Service using WCF Data Service Client Library 
  2. How to Add/Update/Delete the record using client library
  3. How to Extend an entity at client side without saving to data base
  4. How to Call Stored Procedure from client library
  5. How to Call Stored Procedure from client library using code first
Server Side
  1. Implementation 
    1. How to host WCF Data Service and Dot.Net RESTFull service together
    2. How to create a WCF Data Service with ASP.Net Dynamic Routing (Without .SVC Extension)
    3. How to call WCF Data Service Asynchronously (async Mode) using ASP.Net Callbacks
    4. How to produce TXT output from WCF Data Service 
    5. How to Implement a Custom WCF Data Service (OData) Message Handler
    6. How to Implement Language Translation in WCF Data Service (OData) Part-1
    7. How to Implement Language Translation in WCF Data Service (OData) Part-2
    8. How to Parameterized Query Interceptor in WCF Data Service
    9. How to make UTF-16 as default encoding for WCF Data Services.
    10. How to Read Base64 encoded WCF Data Service Response Stream
    11. How to add stored procedure to data service that return select query
    12. How to Add JSON/JSONP support in WCF Data service via GET
    13. How to return an Entity by service operation that is not present in EDMX by default
    14. How to create a custom service operation with a POCO class as a return value
    15. How to create a Custom Data Service Provider
  1.  Data Service Authentication
    1. OData and Authentication – Part 1 
    2. OData and Authentication – Part 2 – Windows Authentication 
    3. OData and Authentication - Part 3 - ClientSide Hooks 
    4. OData and Authentication – Part 4 – Server Side Hooks 
    5. OData and Authentication – Part 5 – Custom HttpModules 
    6. OData and Authentication – Part 6 – Custom Basic Authentication 
    7. OData and Authentication – Part 7 – Forms Authentication 
    8. OData and Authentication – Part 8 – OAuth WRAP 
    9. OData and OAuth – protecting an OData Service using OAuth 2.0

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